Volunteer Openings

PA Diversity Project

Volunteers and Interns wanted for the following positions


  • Experience recording minutes for meetings
  • Basic knowledge of social media and posting
  • Ability to input data & organize database & email accounts
  • Publish newsletters
  • Make phone calls and record results
  • Create electronic & hard copy account of program events
  • Work in a team environment with feedback
  • Blog/press release writing

Marketing/Fundraising Expert

  • Experience with social media
  • Data analysis and able to hit target goals
  • Advertising experience
  • Establish and maintain database connections
  • Experience working with startups a plus

Grant Writer

  • Experience working in non-profit setting
  • Established track record working with start-ups
  • Able to meet deadlines
  • Organized

Technology/Social Media Expert

  • Advertising/marking experience
  • Use contact databases
  • Mass emailing
  • Post on all social media outlets
  • Develop systems to streamline work for other teams

Graphic Artist

  • Design digital and paper media
  • Create websites
  • Use YouTube and other media to create videos, slide shows for presentations


  • Curriculum writing and planning
  • Run Teen Program
  • Work with diverse populations