Newsletter: September 2015

We finally have our new name and logo thank you to Bruce Atzer for designing it for us.

We have several events we would like to bring to the community for 2015-2016. Such as:

Unity Day
Shattering the Stigma on Mental Health Part 2- healing trauma
Strong African American Families Training
Workshop for Women
Teen programing
LGBT night out in Lansdowne
Poetry Slam for teens and adults
Parents/Teens- getting ready for college- things you wish they told you
Movies/discussion groups
Meetups- get to know your neighbor with potluck dinners
Health Fairs/Holistic fair
Genealogy workshops/Genetic testing
Multi Faith Celebration
Kindness challenge
Got Privilege?
And more.

For us to bring these programs to the community we need your help. We are looking to increase our board and create a dynamic team. The more help we get the more we can do and bring to our community. If you are interested please see the listing of skill we are looking for. If you want to help and you are not sure where you might fit in, email me or call me, we can use all kinds of help. • 484-808-5646(join)

If you don’t have time to help or be on the board but you still want to see us bring these events to our community you can also help by giving donations. The money will go toward the above events. You can go to our website and use pay pal to make donations; you can also visit our Gofundme page, we also accept cash and checks.

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If you cannot give money as a donation we are also looking for the following in-kind donations items:

  • Classrooms, or places to hold workshops- such as a space that might have a few rooms in it
  • Ipad or tablet new or used at our events to capture people’s information
  • We also need some sort of video camera or if the ipad can do this- with memory and space to take videos of our events to post to social media, YouTube etc
  • Donations of printing of t-shirts, pens etc. business supplies, etc. would also be helpful
  • Places to hold fundraisers- such as local restaurants night out- 10% of the bill go towards PA Diversity Project
  • Projector, screen, speakers, microphone for events
  • Database/email marketing -to reach the Community

Volunteer Job Openings

PA Diversity Project

Volunteers and Interns wanted for the following positions


  • Experience recording minutes for meetings
  • Basic knowledge of social media and posting
  • Ability to input data & organize database & email accounts
  • Publish newsletters
  • Make phone calls and record results
  • Create electronic & hard copy account of program events
  • Work in a team environment with feedback
  • Blog/press release writing

Marketing/Fundraising Expert

  • Experience with social media
  • Data analysis and able to hit target goals
  • Advertising experience
  • Establish and maintain database connections
  • Experience working with startups a plus

Grant Writer

  • Experience working in non-profit setting
  • Established track record working with start-ups
  • Able to meet deadlines
  • Organized

Technology/Social Media Expert

  • Advertising/marking experience
  • Use contact databases
  • Mass emailing
  • Post on all social media outlets
  • Develop systems to streamline work for other teams

Graphic Artist

  • Design digital and paper media
  • Create websites
  • Use YouTube and other media to create videos, slide shows for presentations


  • Curriculum writing and planning
  • Run Teen Program
  • Work with diverse populations

PA Diversity Project